The Li-Fang (Multiculture-Music-Media)  Associates is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization which seeks to promote and facilitate culture and art  exchange opportunities between U.S. and Chinese music and art professionals to gain a better understanding of their respective cultures. Though the exchange acitivites  from one country who are coming/going to visit or held performance, exhibition in the other generally have some idea of the overall cultural environment of the country they are visiting, there is much to be learned through such cultural exchange programs as there are unwritten norms, rules, customs, habits unique to every culture, and they may vary from region to region.  We therefore design and develop various programs or activities aimed at promoting such cultural and art exchanges and better understanding between the two countries.

  Our goal is to promote collaboration and understanding between the United States and China. Through world- class lectures, seminars, conferences, performannce  or research opportunities, we aid visitors to the US from China, and vice versa, in gaining a better perspective of the national, regional, and local mores of the respective country.   

  Our mission is to be the gateway through which our various exchange programs on culture and art provide a mutual understanding for the people of both nations.  We hope to foster communication and collaboration among social communitie and musician and artists in areas of America and China’s past and present cultural, art, governmental, academic, and industrial interests.

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